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Mike Brost, Interim Paster

Family: Married to Jennifer 23 years. She is a licensed mental health counselor and founded the Job Foundation. We have two young men. Gregory 19 who is just finishing an automotive program at Universal Technical Institute. Aaron who is 16 and will be a junior at Cedar Falls High school.

Involvement at New Life: Over the last 10 years I have had the privilege of serving New Life in several different ways. I have preached there a handful of times, the first was in 2007 or 8. Also around that time I was blessed to be part of a men's group that came down on a Saturday to help drywall after the flood. For the last five years I have served as the Classis Shepherd. In that capacity I have attended several consistory meetings, worshiped at New Life and even got in on some prep work in the new building a few Saturdays!

Vision for the Church: Jesus said, "I will build my Church." This phrase seems to take our responsibility away, however He also said "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness." My hope and prayer for New Life, the rest of our Classis churches and all of Christ's churches is that they would all be "Thriving Representations of His Kingdom in our communities, and beyond." This can and will happen as we all learn to seek Him and His Kingdom at deeper levels each and every day!

Children & Youth Ministry Team

New Life's Children's Ministry Team serves Christ and the church by welcoming, loving, teaching, and training the kids that come to New Life.

Meet the team.

Kathy Scheuerman, Office Administrator

Serving the Lord as the office administrator is Kathy Scheuerman. If you would like more information about New Life or have a question please contact the office at 319.337.5339.

Ross Aswegen, Janitor

Tom Waters, Janitor

Jon Doorn, Elder

Occupation: Faculty member in College of Pharmacy, University of Iowa

Family Status: Married to Deb since 1997.  Father to Eric (2000), Sophia (2004), and Emma (2006).

How you became a Christian: I was fortunate to grow up in a home with Christian parents who encouraged my faith journey and was provided mentors and teachers along the way who shaped my spiritual development and walk with Christ.

Consistory and Involvement at New Life: I am relatively new to New Life and excited about involvement with leadership and ministry opportunities. In my time at New Life, I have been part of small group ministry and a greeter and participated in the music ministry.

Vision for New Life: My vision for New LIfe is to grow in the body of Christ and equip members to: 1) glorify God; 2) share the gospel with all, remaining rooted in the Bible (John 4); 3) seek the welfasre of our city (Jeremiah 29:7) by engaging society/culture and being the hands and feet of Christ.

Scott Kallemeyn, Elder and Vice President

Occupation: Executive Director of Surgery Center Cedar Rapids, in Cedar Rapids Iowa.

Family: Married to Nicole since 2004.  Father to Lauren (2011) and Levi (2013).

How you became a Christian:  I was raised in a dedicated Christian family in Southern Minnesota and have always felt God's call to be active in the life of the church, but officially committed my life to Christ at church camp in 1990.

Consistory and involvement at New Life: I have been a treasurer at New Life and through that role participated in Consistory, the business team, and campaign team. I have also been a regular member of the praise team and the van ministry.

Vision: The church is God’s everlasting body of believers, and it is my prayer and desire for us to extend the love, forgiveness, and hope which Christ demonstrated to seeking and existing believers. I also pray that we will worship our Creator in every area of our lives, using every blessing to His glory

Retha Haas, Elder

Occupation - Director of Resident Relations at Oaknoll Retirement Residence in Iowa City.

Family - Married to Ray Haas for 26 years.

How you became a Christian - I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home, church and school.  I knew of God's love for me and his salvation through Jesus Christ, and I understood what that meant.  I had the head knowledge of a savior.  I was in my twenties when I realized after many failures  that I needed Jesus Christ as my personal savior - not just an understanding in my head, but full surrender of my heart and life to him.   

Involvement with New Life - I've served at New Life in various ways over the last 20 years.  I currently serve as an elder, and my passion is welcoming first time visitors at the door or during fellowship after the service.

Vision for New Life - 28 years ago I was warmly welcomed and accepted by strangers when I walked into an unfamiliar church.   That experience was a tipping point for me to return to church and begin growing as a Christian.  We never know what others are going through when someone comes through our doors.  My hope and prayer for New Life is that we are gracious and loving to those who walk through our doors.  That we will encourage one another to grow in worship of our Savior; that we will disciple each other and grow in our knowledge of Jesus Christ; and that we will share with others the most important message of our lives:  Jesus Christ loves all.  He died for all.  He wants a personal relationship with all.  May New Life Community Church be God's tool and instrument to bring glory to Him.  

Steve Janssen, Elder

Occupation:  Retired

Family: Judy (works hospitality every Sunday)

How you became a Christian: I was born into a Christian family.  My tather, uncles, brothers, sister all are ministers.  I accepted Christ as my Lord while in college.

Involvement at New Life:  I play bass on the praise team.  I have been and am currently serving as an elder on Consistory.  Judy and I have been at New Life since 2004.

Vision for New Life:  My vision is a growing, vital family of God.  Growing in the sense that we continue to reach out and serve our community as more people find New Life as a church home.  Vital in the sense that we all continue to grow in our relationships with each other and with Christ at our own pace, knowing that each of us can witness in our own way.

Monica Koch, Chair of Deacons

Occupation: Instructional Specialist at Distance and Online Education, University of Iowa


Family Status: Married to John, son David.


​Involvement at New Life:  Since attending New Life in 2008, I have been involved in Worship Services, Free Lunch program and Capital Campaign team (for current location). Right now I am serving a 2nd term as deacon in consistory, and I also teach 1st-3rd grade Sunday School. 

Vision for New Life:  I pray that individually we will strive to love God with all our hearts,soul, mind and strength. I also pray that as a body New Life will be a strong voice for God in Coralville and the neighboring communities, spreading God's Words and the good news of salvation to people from all walks of life.

Amy Baker, Deacon

Occupation: Physical Therapist at Total Rehab in Williamsburg

Family: Married to Brad

How You Became a Christian: I grew up in a Christian family with strong Christian role models in my life.  My faith transformed from knowledge of the Bible to a personal relationship with Christ through life experiences, both good and bad, where I saw evidence of the Lord’s sovereignty in my life.  I believe with my whole heart that our Lord is living and active in our lives and that He speaks to us on a daily basis.  If you want to hear more, please ask!

Spiritual Gifts and Involvement at New Life:  My spiritual gifts are mercy, leadership, faith, and shepherding.   I coordinate the Sunday morning greeters, sing on the praise team, serve on the hospitality team, and am a volunteer for the Free Lunch Program.

Vision for New Life: My vision for New Life is that we would be a welcoming church with an eternal focus rooted firmly in the word of God. I hope that we will continue to embrace diversity while remaining unified in Biblical truth.  I believe God is calling us to serve the greater Coralville community and people around the world with love and sincerity, all while remaining a strong witness for Christ. I love being a member at New Life and can’t wait to see what God has planned for us next!

Jon Van Heukelom, Deacon

Occupation:  Emergency Medicine Physician at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Family:  Married to Stefanie.  Three children:  Sydney (2008), Asher (2014), and Chloe (2017)

How you became a Christian:  I was raised by Christian parents including a father who has served as a Reformed Church minister.  Throughout my college years I developed a deeper, personal commitment to Christ after having the opportunity to interact with Christians from different walks of life and faith traditions.

Involvement at New Life:  Serving as a Deacon, also regular driver for the van service.

Vision for New Life:  My hope for our church is that we continue to grow as a body of believers to fulfill the role that Christ has for our church and that we will continue to be a light to our community.

Paul Van Heukelom, Deacon

Occupation:  Physician 

Family:  Married to Katie, Kids – Ruby (8), Jace (6), Annie (4)

How you became a Christian: I grew up in the church, have been a Christian my whole life.


Involvement at New Life: I served as church treasurer last 4 years. Have been a member for 6 years

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