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Paige Townley


Paige Townley

Occupation:  Student Misconduct Investigator, Office of Student Accountability, University of Iowa.

Family:  Single

How you became a Christian:  While I grew up in the church, I have grown in my faith throughout my teenage and adult years, making my faith my own. In High School, I accepted Jesus’s salvation and have been striving to live my life for Him (with setbacks along the way) since then. 

Involvement at New Life:  While I have been involved in helping at various events, My main involvement at NLCC has been in children’s Ministry where I serve as the Nursery Coordinator.

Vision for New Life:  I see New Life as an opportunity for individuals to come together and worship on a regular basis. We, as believers, are called to love God and love others. I see this as a major aspect of the Church through Worship, Discipleship, and Outreach. 

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