Retha Haas


Retha Haas

Occupation: Director of Resident Relations at Oaknoll Retirement Residence in Iowa City.

Family: Married to Ray Haas for 26 years.

How you became a Christian: I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home, church and school.  I knew of God's love for me and his salvation through Jesus Christ, and I understood what that meant.  I had the head knowledge of a savior.  I was in my twenties when I realized after many failures  that I needed Jesus Christ as my personal savior - not just an understanding in my head, but full surrender of my heart and life to him.   

Involvement with New Life:  I've served at New Life in various ways over the last 20 years.  I currently serve as an elder, and my passion is welcoming first time visitors at the door or during fellowship after the service.

Vision for New Life: 28 years ago I was warmly welcomed and accepted by strangers when I walked into an unfamiliar church.   That experience was a tipping point for me to return to church and begin growing as a Christian.  We never know what others are going through when someone comes through our doors.  My hope and prayer for New Life is that we are gracious and loving to those who walk through our doors.  That we will encourage one another to grow in worship of our Savior; that we will disciple each other and grow in our knowledge of Jesus Christ; and that we will share with others the most important message of our lives:  Jesus Christ loves all.  He died for all.  He wants a personal relationship with all.  May New Life Community Church be God's tool and instrument to bring glory to Him.