Steve Janssen

Elder and Vice President

Steve Janssen

Occupation:  Retired

Family: Judy (works hospitality every Sunday)

How you became a Christian: I was born into a Christian family.  My father, uncles, brothers, sister all are ministers.  I accepted Christ as my Lord while in college.

Involvement at New Life:  I play bass on the praise team.  I have been and am currently serving as an elder on Consistory.  Judy and I have been at New Life since 2004.
Vision for New Life:  My vision is a growing, vital family of God.  Growing in the sense that we continue to reach out and serve our community as more people find New Life as a church home.  Vital in the sense that we all continue to grow in our relationships with each other and with Christ at our own pace, knowing that each of us can witness in our own way.