LOVE the God who loves us and proclaim His glory.


Worship is an essential part of church life.


Worship on Sunday mornings. Our worship services are designed for people to participate when they are ready to through singing, praying, and learning with us. Some come just to observe and that is fine. Once you experience the love of God in Jesus Christ, you too will want to join in the worship.


Visit our What to Expect page to learn more about Sundays. Check out the Visit page to find information about our location or to get a ride to church.


Worship by Giving.  New Life is a non-profit that is 100% funded by the generosity of its members and supporters who worship God by giving to the church. Everyone is invited to give. Nobody is obligated to give. New comers and visitors are not asked to give.  We receive donations by collecting offerings on Sunday, making monthly EFT giving available, and via online giving.


Special services take place throughout the year at times like Christmas and Easter. Visit our Events Calendar for details.